Section 6 Home Page Appearance

A. Title & Links Bar

At the very top of the game's home page is the title and link's bar.

This will feature the game's logo and name on the left and the following links on the right:

Help (wiki), Talk (forum), Ladder (leaderboard), Updates (app profile)

About Talk

Selecting "Talk" will take player to the General Talk section of the in-game forum. There are other sections that players will be able to choose from at the top. These other sections are "Abilities", "Groups", "Level 1-10", "Level 11-20", "Level 21-30".......all the way to "Level 91-100". In each section will be the most recent topics (it will be set up much like facebook discussions). Under these discussion, there will be a wall for others to post comments. There will be a wall for each section of this discussion board.

About the Ladder (leaderboard)

Players will be listed here with a ranking number based on their experience. The one with the most experience in the game will be ranked number 1. The format in which players will be listed in the ladder will be like this: The photo on the left, and details on the right (rank, hero name with online status if they're online, group, level, experience, and abilities).

B. Navigation Bar

The navigation bar (just below the title and links bar) will feature the following options:

Home, Use Ability, Group, Fight, Travel, Profile, Hero Corp

C. Health & Energy Bar

The health and energy bar (just below the navigation bar) will show the following:

Health, Energy, Statuses, CR, Level

About Health and Energy:

Health Points HP measures how much damage a player can take before being knocked out (KO'ed) and can only be affected in battle. When a player is hit with an ability that damages them, your HP will be reduced by the amount the action damaged you. HP is represented by the Green Bar under the navigation bar When the player's HP reaches 0, they get the KO'd.

When Koed, they'll have all their health back and the only status seen is "Knocked out" (which prevents any further attack) until the player refreshes their page. When the player refreshes, their statuses will be displayed again (if any), plus they'll have the "Weak" status, which causes health to regenerate twice as slow.

Note that, when their HP is down to 25% or less of the total, they will automatically have the hiding effect (adding up to 30% evasiveness).. Players start with 400 HP at level 1, and gain 40 HP every level. HP recovers 5% every 10 minutes. So if a player has 1200 HP, after 10 minutes they will recover 60 HP. It takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to fully replenish HP.

Energy Points Every action requires a certain amount of EP to use. Players start out with 100 EP at level 1 and every level afterwards gain 10 max EP -- for example, a level 5 player would have 140 max EP. EP replenishes over time. It takes slightly less than 2 hours to fully replenish EP.

D. Character Description

Below health and energy bar, in the center of the page is the player's character decription which includes a picture on the left and details on the right. These details include:

Name, Abilities, Experience (and exp until next level), Statuses

E. Use Your Ability Panel

Below the pleyer's character description is a horizontal panel for ability use titled on the left side as "Use Your Ability" and on the left it has these links: Improve, Learn, Reorder.

Below the panel title and links are the players actions for selection. When an action is selected, they are taken to the Use Ability page to use ability on self by default (refer to Navigations section for more details on this). On the home page, the action panel shows 5 actions at a time and is scrollable.

F. News Feed

The news feed will show the actions, experience, credits (Cr), and energy packs received.

The news feed (titled as such on the left of it) will have the links "received" and "sent" on the top right of the news feed. Selecting either of them allows players to see what was sent or received. Next to these links, to the very right corner of the news feed is the option to send an energy pack. When this is selected, a menu page is opened which lets players select whether to send an enegy pack to friends or to group members. Under that are checkboxes next to the names of these friends or group members. Lastly, every 24 hours, players receive 100 Cr.

Action in the Feed:

To know how the actions would appear in the feed, see the actions' descriptions in their respective ability description document files (in abilities folder on Skydrive). When one recieves and action, the fee entry will end with a link saying "use your ability back!", which will take you to the person's target page so you can use your abilities on them.

Action Fails in the Feed

Actions may fail either because of the innate properties of the target's abilities, evasive statuses, or one's own debufs (negative statuses).

Examples of action fails:

You failed to use (action) on target because (target) was able to foresee it happening and evade it!

You failed to use (action) on target because (target) was levitating!

You failed to use (action) because you were blind!

G. Side Panel

The vertical left side panel will name the player's location at the top, below that will be options such as "fight enemy" and "use ability". Other options may appear depending on location (see section 10 for locations). In airport locations, the "leave city" button will appear. In fight club, "find a fight" button will appear. In secret lab, the "unlearn" button will appear. Lastly, below these buttons will be nearby locations (as thumbnails with names) which players can select to facilitate local travel. Certain locations will have an icons at the top right corner: The secret lab for example may have a testube icon and the fight club may have a star icon. Shopping locations would have a shopping cart icon and then as for the Free-for-all (FFA) locations, it could just have the letters FFA with a red background or something. Take not of these details when reading about the travel menu in section 7 (Navigations) of this game description

Section 7 Navigations

A. Home

Home in the navigation bar will have the following submenus: Improve, Learn, Reorder, Reset

(Please refer to the section concerning abilities to understand how ability points work.)

When "Improve" is selected, player will be taken to a page of their actions (listed vertically) and will have the option to level up any of them or learning a new action with a cost of ability points.

When "Learn" is selected, player is taken to a page of abilities available for them to learn (listed vertically) and will tell them how much they cost.

When "Reorder" is selected, player will be taken to a page listing all their actions vertically (including normal actions like "punch") and player will be able to select in what order they want their abilities to be in. This will effect how they appear in the Use Your Ability panel in the home page and when fighting a target.

When "Reset" is selected, player will be taken to a page asking them if they are sure they want to reset their hero character (there will be a button for Yes and a button for No). After player confirms this request (with a Yes), then the player loses all experience, returns to the intro screen, and is given a new starting basic ability.

B. Use Ability

Use Ability in the navigation bar will have the following submenus:

On Self, On Friends, On Group Members

Either of these options will take player to the Use Ability page, only difference would be the target they selected (self, friends, or group members). At the top of the page, will be a Use Ability panel (showing 8 abilities at a time and is scrollable horizontally). with the first action selected by default. (Players can also select an action from the Use Your Ability panel from the home page, which will also bring them to this page) . The player will be able to select a different action if he or she wishes to do so. Under this panel will be a selection menu with check boxes and at the very top of it will be the same options in the Use Ability submenu (on self, on friends, or on group members). Players can switch options if they want to (or they could've done that from the submenu).

If the On Self option was selected, the player will only see one check box which will display their pic and name. If the On Friends option was selected, they will see their friends listed similarly (if they have friends), only difference is they'd see their friends. If the On Group option was selected, they would see all their group members listed as pics, names and checkboxes.

C. Friends

Selecting "Friends" in the navigation bar will bring player to a listing of their friends who have installed the app and it will show them listed in order by location by default (the ones in their location will appear first). 10 friends appear per page (this same principle will apply to all pages that list groups, group members, the ladder,.and targets [explained later in this section]). Players can organize this list by level or online status with a dropdown menu that will be in the top right

A friend listed will display their picture on the right, details in the center, and actions that players can use on them on the left. The friend's details will be Hero Name (may have an online status icon), Group, Health, Energy, Statuses, Abilities, Their Actions (listed horizontaly as icons), and location. The actions that players can use on friends are divided into two categories: Aid and Attack. The actiions that Aid will be listed in blue text and the Attack actions will be listed in red text.

D. Group

1. View Group

When a player clicks Group in the navigation bar or selects "View Group" in the submenu, they will be taken to their group's page if they're in a group. The group page will display an About section on the top left with the following details: Name, Size, Average Level, Headquarters, and Require Approval to Join (this will be a Yes or No, depeninding if leaders require approval to join. The maximum number of members that can join a group should be no more than 1000 (to prevent large inactive groups and lagging).

To the left of the About section of a group page is the group's picture and options under it which depend if the player is a leader, just another member, or a non-member. Non-members will have the option to join (or send a request to join) while members will have the option to leave. The group creator and leaders have the option to leave too, thus losing leadership. The group creator when in leadership is always going to be recognized as its creator (it will say this in parenthesis next to their hero name). If all leaders leave, all the other members become leaders. If everyone leaves a group, the group ceases to exist.

Group leaders have these options under the group picture: Edit Group Info, Edit Group Members and Leaders, Change Picture, Send Message to Group, Invite People to Group, and Leave Group. Editing group will alllow the use of html in the group name and group page. In editing members, leaders can make members leaders, remove them, or take their leadership away. In changing or adding a picture, leaders will provide a link for it to display (there will be no uploading).

Below the About section and is the group's desctiption and below that is the Members section which list them in rows and columns, with their pictures and names. To the right it lists the leaders. Underneath all this is the group wall which is only visible to group members.

2. View Members

Selecting View Members in the Group submenu bring player to a page listing their group pages in the same format as when viewing friends, the only difference is that attacks will not be displayed for use because players cannot attack other group members (although the Delay Time action of the Time Manipulation ability is an exception to this rule).

3. Browse Groups

Selecting Browse Groups in the Group submenu will bring player to the game's group directory, which lists groups from newest to oldest by default. There will be a drop down menu on the top right of the page that allows players to list groups from highest average level to lowest or lowest average level to highest, number of members, oldest to newest, or newest to oldest (default).

A group listed in the directory will appear with the group picture on the right, group details (from the About section of the group page) will appear in the center, and the options to view group and join/request to join or leave will appear on the left.

4. Create a Group

This option in the Group submenu of the navigation bar allows players who aren't in a group to create a group of their own.

E. Fight

1. Target Menu

When the Fight in the navigation bar (or Fight Enemy in side panel) is selected, a menu will appear in the same page displaying available targets in their location. These targets will be listed as pictures with their health bar at the bottom. 15 targets will appear at a time, the ones closest to the player's level will appear first. The top of this menu will have a Refresh button on the left and an X in the right corner to close the menu. If a target is selected, the player will be taken to its target page.

Target Page – Top Buttons

The buttons at the top of the target will depend on which of the 3 kinds of fights this is. In a fight with an NPC, there will be the option to either "Choose another Target" or "Run". If you're viewing another player's target page it will display the same thing, but in FFA, "Run" is disabled. When in a fight in the Fight Club however, it's either Change Target or Forfeit.

Target Description

When viewing the target, it will show their picture (which is linked to their profile) on the left and their details on the right. These details include Name (which will be linked to their profile page), level, health, statuses, and location.

News Feed

The player's news feed will be displayed under the target's description.

Action Panel

At the very bottom of the target page the player will be able to select the actions they want to use on target ot scroll through them horizontally (8 appear at a time). When an action is selected for use on the target in the target page, a temporary message will pop-up above your news feed telling the player what they did, what statuses were given (if applicable) and the experience gained from either the action or from knocking the target out.

2. Target Listing Pages

The Fight option in the navigation bar also has a submenu with the option to "View All", When this is selected, the player can view targets listed in pages in the same format as viewing friends.

3. Knockout

All fights end with a knockout. When a member of a group is knocked out, they will be sent away to their group's headquarters (if they weren't already).

F. Travel

1. The Travel Menu and How Travel Works

Selecting "Travel" in the navigation bar brings up a menu in the same page listing locations in the city that they're in. Key Locations will be listed first (such as airports or transportation and shops) and under this will be other Nearby Locations. At every airport, the travel menu will only show airports to travel to unless player had flight or teleportation. When selecting to go to another airport, normally you would be asked if you would like to use Hero Airlines at the cost of 25 Cr. When a player confirms, the player will be taken to a page displaying a view outside a window of a plane for 15 seconds, then they will appear in the airport destination they chose. If a player as selects a desintation using their flying ability, it will cost 5 energy points and will display a page of clouds, then takes them to their destination. Teleportation also costs 5 energy points, but travel to another city in the game will be done at an instant.

G. Profile

The Profile option in the navigation bar will have the following sub-menus: view profile, edit profile, and change picture. Selecting the profile option or "view profile" will bring the player to their hero character's profile page. The player's picture will be seen on the left side with the options to edit profile info and change picture (providing a link), then below that list possible actions, such as heals and buffs, which they can use on themselves. When viewing another player's profile, one will see the following options under their picture: Send a message, Add as friend, and report abuse. Below that are possible actions one may use (attack or aid).

The center of one's profile page will show the following details:

Fight Club wins and forfeits (which can be hidden), FFA wins and losses (which can be hidden), Hero Name, Group, Level, Statuses, HP, EP, Abilities, and Actions (shown as icons) in the order the player put them. Statuses, HP, EP, and Actions aren't visible on the profile to non-friends. When a player is online, the online status icon will be visible next to their name. Below these details will be the About Me section and the Action Feed (all sent and received actions are displayed). At the bottom of the profile will have a wall where other players can post comments.

E. Hero Corp

The Hero Corp page will show how many Hero Points you have next to the title of the page. Players will recieve the same number of Hero Points as Ability Points they receive every level.

Use of Hero Points

Health can be refilled with the cost of 2 Hero Points

Energy can be refilled at the cost of 5 Hero Points

1000 Credits can be bought at the cost of 10 Hero Points

5 Hero Points will cost $1.00 (U.S. Dollars)

Buying new Normal Actions with Hero Points:

This could be a planned feature (explained in Section 5).

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