1. About Items

Items are physical objects within the game that enhance the player's capabilities. These Items will appear in the Items section of the player's profile page, some are temporary consumable items (food and drinks) and others are items that players can equip. Each item has its own unique properties and Credit (CR) cost. There are some equipping rules: only two rings can be equipped at a time and only one of each kind of necklace can be equipped at a time.

There is one free item in the game that can be sent to friends daily, which is the energy pack

Energy Pack

Restores 100% Energy


All other items are bought in certain shopping locations which exist in certain cities. When in a shopping location you can select “Purchase Items in the side panel, then a menu will appear in the same page displaying the items that the player can buy and their properties.

At the Supermarket in New York City

Energy Drinks



Revitalize 12oz

Restores 20 Energy

30 CR

Liquid Energy 10oz

Restores 100 Energy

160 CR

Liquid Energy 20oz

Restores 200 Energy

330 CR

Liquid Energy 30oz

Restores 300 Energy

500 CR





Restores 120 Health

40 CR


Restores 150 Health

50 CR


Restores 600 Health

220 CR

At the Bazaar in Madras, India

Sprint Ring



Bronze Spirit Ring

+10 Max Energy

800 CR

Silver Spirit Ring

+20 Max Energy

Gold Spirit Ring

+35 Max Energy

3000 CR

Platinum Spirit Ring

+50 Max Energy

5000 CR

Vitality Ring



Bronze Vitality Ring

+60 Max Health

800 CR

Silver Vitality Ring

+120 Max Health

Gold Vitality Ring

+210 Max Health

3000 CR

Platinum Vitality Ring

+300 Max Health

5000 CR

Special Item



Rabbit's Foot

+10% more damage

(not stackable with the same item)

20,000 CR

At Pharaoh's Jewelry in Cairo, Egypt




Ruby Necklace

+20% damage with Fire actions

5000 CR

Sapphire Necklace

+20% damage with Ice actions

5000 CR

Necklace of Wisdom

+1 EXP for each successful action

10,000 CR

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