The Travel Feature Every location a player is in will have a background picture that is based on the location name. (Note to devs: if you want location photos, try stockphoto or something). All players begin in Midtown, NY. (A photo suggestion could be the Time Warner Center). Every location will have certain NPCs available (see section 9 ). More details on how the travel feature works will be in the page about navigations.


  • Toronto, Ontario
    • Travel: Lester B. Pearson International Airport
    • Free-for-all-battle: Underground Passageway
    • Unlearn abilities: Secret Lab
    • Other: Alley , Casa Loma , Front Street

Note: To get to the Secret lab, players must first enter the Alley, then Underground Passageway


  • Cairo
    • Travel: Cairo International Airport
    • Purchase items: Pharoah's Jewelry
    • Other: Downtown, Market, Saladin Citadel


  • Munich
    • Travel: Franz Joseph Strauss International Airport
    • Other: Autobahn, Mainstreet, Marienplatz, Victory Gate


  • Madras
    • Travel: Madras International Airport
    • Purchase items: Bazaar
    • Other: Marketplace


  • Cork
    • Travel: Cork International Airport
    • Other: Bantry Town Square, Black Rock Castle, Downtown , Colman's Cathedral, Stone Circle, University College Cork


  • Tokyo
    • Travel: Narita International Airport
    • Other: Downtown , Sensoji Temple, Shibuya Crossing, Shinjuku JR Station
  • Himeji
    • Travel: Rail Station
    • Other: Himeji Castle

Note: To find Rail Station in Himeji, one must enter Shinjuku JR Station first (unless one has the Flight or Teleportation ability).


  • Kuala Lumpur
    • Travel: Kuala Lampur International Airport
    • Other: Federal Territory Mosque, KLCC Park, National Theater, Petronas Towers, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Train Station

North Korea:

  • Pyongyang
    • Travel: Sunan International Airport
    • Free-for-all battle: Abandoned Warehouse
    • Other: Grand Library, Megalomania, Oil Refinery


  • Moscow
    • Travel: Sheremetyevo International Airport
    • Other: Business Center, Moscow State University, Red Square


  • Pripyat
    • Free-for-all battle (level 75): Exclusion Zone
    • Other: City Limits, Downtown

United Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai
    • Travel: Dubai International Airport
    • Free-for-all battle (level 50): Construction Site
    • Other: Docks, Riverfront, Town Center, Under a bridge

United Kingdom:

  • London, England
    • Travel: Heathrow International Airport
    • Other: Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey

United States of America:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Travel: McCarran International Airport
    • Other: Bellagio Buffet, Outside Excalibur, Outside New York New York,
    • Outside the Bellagio, The Strip
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota:
    • Travel: St. Paul International Airport
    • Other: Crystal Palace Courtyard, Downtown, Stone Arch Bridge
  • New York City, New York:
    • Travel: JFK International Airport
    • Free-for-all battle: Battery Park, Central Park, E 3rd St , Times Square
    • Player-vs.-player battle: Fight Club
    • Purchase items: Supermarket
    • Other: 15th St & 6th Ave , 5th Ave , Alexander St , Grand Central Station, Liberty State Park, Midtown, Newtown Creek , South St Seaport, Warren St , World Financial Center
  • San Antonio, Texas:
    • Travel: San Antinio International Airport
    • Other: The Alamo, Riverwalk

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