The Best Facebook Superhero Game App Idea Ever!

The app would begin as a poke app, the main page would have the user's picture, name, and other stats like experience, which I'll explain later. Under this would a a the Use Ability panel which will let you select an action to use (the actions would also be able to be reordered for convenience in battling, which I'll explain later). Under that perhaps would be the Friend panel that lets you select a friend. Options for using ability and viewing friends would also be in the navigation bar too. Then under that would be the user's news feed (where things like actions will appear). When users first install the app, they will be introduced with their starting basic ability.

Users will gain Experience (Exp) for every successful action used on other users (actions may fail depending on the abilities' properties, the innate properties of the abilities possessed by the action recipient, and temporary status effects caused by an action).

At this stage in development, users would only be able to poke friends who have this application installed.

Ability Points (AP) would be gained every level and used for learning new actions, improving them, and even learning new abilities.

Users would also have a customizable game profile in which they can edit their name & info, and update their picture using a hyperlink. Users also would also be able to private message each other from their profile (through facebook). The profile will also have an online status icon.

This app could have an in-game discussion board with a wall for posting comments, an in-game Wiki, and a Ladder (leaderboard). These things perhaps could be above the app's navigation bar on the right (the left would have a logo and the app's name).

The app later then can have Travel, Groups, Fights, and HeroCorp (I'll explain HeroPoints at the end). I'll now be referring to users as players.

Groups created would be headquartered in a particular location and members could interact and aid each other without having to be friends on facebook.

Groups created will show up in the game's group directory (which other players can browse and choose one they want to join).

Players will only be able to be in one group at a time. Group creators become leader of their group, which allows them to customize it, plus they can make other players as leaders or remove them if they wish. If all leaders leave a group and there are no other members, the group becomes disbanded and will cease to exist. However, if there are other members, the most recently online users will become the leaders.

There should be a limit of members per group (like 150, or so) so they don't get overcrowded, causing the game to lag.

Players would be able to fight (battle) others as CPUs or find a one-on-one match in a live fighting arena (the game would find the best match based on level).

Players would receive 100 Credits (CR) (the game currency) daily for long distant travel and also for items like food (restores HP), drinks (restores energy), and special items (like rings and necklaces) to enhance fighting performance (these items would have to be bought at certain shopping locations).

Players would also be able to send energy drinks to friends and group members (one to each friend/member daily).

Nearby locations could appear in a side panel to facilitate short distant travel (within a city in the game).

World locations in the game can be real places with a picture of the location in the background.

Non-Player characters (NPCs) would also released in certain world locations for groups to battle and earn game currency and Exp for winning and have it shared with other group members online in the same location when the knock-out was made.

NPCs could also function as a buffer in some FFA Zones to keep higher leveled players from bullying lower levels (players will only be able to see players or NPCs within their level range when available).

Players could perhaps earn 5 Hero Points every level. These points could be used to buy special items, actions, or even abilities.

HeroPoints could also be bought with real money.


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